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LeCont: history in progress

The company producer of LeCont tyres, which started its commercial activity (at regime) in 1994, was actually founded in 1993 by brothers Sergio and Valter Cont, industrials of Trentino area today head of the Cont Group (present in the mechanical industry and in the construction field), but also great enthusiasts of motorsports that, when younger, they practiced personally racing both in karting and in motocross.

During its history in competitions, LeCont has won 42 Italian Championship titles. The first, still with the brand “PneusK”, was won on 1997 in motocross (in the prestigious 250 cm3Visp category). Such discipline on two wheels was, though, abandoned by the Italian company of Rovereto (TN) in the following year, to focus completely on karting.

Since then, LeCont tyres have brought a number of kart drivers to success in 41 Italian Championships on four wheels. Among these, the majority have been conquered in the top class of the 125 cm3 with gears.

These numbers also include two titles won by drivers using LeCont tyres branded “All Tyres” and another six titles with the brand “Cont Sport Tyres”. At the same time LeCont has along the years produced tyres for mini-moto bikes and racing cars (in 10” and 13” sizes with traditional cross plies carcass).

As manufacturer of high-performance compounds for competition tyre tread and supplier of such products for other companies (including very well-known international names), LeCont has indirectly won a number of national and international titles (among which six European Championships) in car racing. These include categories of very high prestige and popularity, but also World Championships in other categories of track racing.

In the last 8 years...

  • In 2011 and 2012 LeCont has been the exclusive supplier selected from CIK-FIA to equip all drivers participating to the World U18 Championship and the CIK-FIA Academy Trophy.
  • From 2011 to 2019 LeCont has been selected from the French federation (FFSA) as exclusive supplier of the French Endurance Championship (at the beginning with KF2 engines, then replaced by the new class OK, and Rotax Max, then joined by X30 and OK-Junior).
  • From 2011 to 2018, LeCont was also exclusive supplier of the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans karting. It still the tyres supplier in 2019 for the Group 2 & 3 karts racing in the Le Mans 24 H.
  • In 2012 and 2013 LeCont has equipped all the categories of the national karting Championships in Italy, Sweden, Lithuania and Romania (SKAT), the Formula Blue and F. Blue Jr categories of the British Championship, and also the 60 Minikart category of the prestigious private series of the WSK and in the private Belgian series (CIB- IAME), and all the categories of the French Championship Ufolep.
  • In 2013 LeCont has been selected from CIK-FIA as exclusive supplier company to equip all drivers racing in the World KF3 Karting Championship, the European KF3 Karting Championship and the SuperCup KF3. Also, the Mexican federation has selected LeCont to supply all drivers of the Mexican FIA Championship, which still using today the LeCont tyres.
  • In 2014, LeCont supplied in exclusive the KF2 category of the Italian Karting Championship, and both the ACI 125 Junior and Senior classes in the two following years
  • From 2014 until today, LeCont supply also all categories of the national Championships in Sweden, the new Bambino class created by the British federation (MSA) and a number of private series in Europe.
  • LeCont has also been selected by the French federation (FFSA) as exclusive supplier company of the French KZ2 Championship (and also Master, Gentlemen and Longs Circuits classes) for the three years period (2017, 18, 19).
  • LeCont has been selected by the Norwegian federation as exclusive supplier of all the karting classes of the Norwegian championship, from 2017.
  • LeCont has been selected by the British federation (MSA) as exclusive supplier (for the British championship) of the OK class, from 2017, then also of the KZ2 class, from 2018.
  • From 2017, LeCont largely expanded its market coverage on the North American market, especially in the USA.
  • Meanwhile, CIK has selected many times LeCont as exclusive tyres supplier for the international classes CIK-FIA championships:

2011-2012: U18 and Academy Trophy

2013: KF3

2015: KZ2 and KFJ

2016: Endurance championship

2017: OK and Endurance championship

2018: KZ, KZ2, Academy Trophy and Endurance championship

2019: OK