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Only LeCont tests on workbench

LeCont is the only company worldwide to own a dynamic workbench, wheel-road type, for karting tyres. Tuned by LeCont, in collaboration with a specialized mechanical firm, this workbench has started working in Spring 2011 and has immediately generated great interest from the international Federation, the CIK-FIA, as it is an absolute novelty. It is seen as a possible instrument of comparison and testing, procedures that in the future could be carried out officially also for the international sport authority.

In the meanwhile the workbench is used by LeCont both for the study of new technologies and solutions, and for quality controlsdone on the standard tyre production. Tyre samples are taken from production and tested on this high tech machine that reproduces real life conditions of the tyre running along the track, conditions that can be brought beyond the limit that a kart could ever reach when running along a track. Thanks to such testing, tyres are stressed permitting the extrapolation of data regarding performance, but also and in particular to evaluate tyre resistance to abrasion at high speed and the level of resistance of the tread and carcass to long lasting stress. Factors these that, evidently, are at the base of research for safety of tyres.

On this workbench, which permits to accelerate, brake, turn and add load on the tyre, laps on different registered circuits can be simulated with good precision, utilizing the information coming from a computerized very sophisticated data acquisition system.

To be as much as possible aligned to real track conditions, front or rear wheel and tyre system that has been tested is then mounted to the powerful electric motor of the workbench that activates the system making it spin through a normal kart hub. Hubs of all the main kart chassis firms can be used.

Another interesting aspect: the internal profile of the large metallic wheel that reproduces the surface of the asphalt of the track, on which the tested tyre rotates at high speed, brakes and turns, is machined with a special technology to reproduce at best the abrasion characteristics of the asphalt. Modifying such profile it is possible to reproduce different kinds of asphalt.

The systematic use of this workbench permits also to verify conformity of the different groups of tyres produced to the characteristics (and defined tolerances) of the type of tyre tested, but also to define precise and reliable connections between track test and laboratory test, resulting in uniform and precise results of quality checks.

Such connection between track tests and laboratory tests using the wheel/road workbench has generated an incredible acceleration of LeCont technological research on karting tyres,with the first consistent result being the new range of tyres homologated CIK-FIA (for the 2014-2016 period), tyres whose characteristics and performances showan incredible step forward compared to the previous range, and position today LeCont’s products at the highest level among the ones present on the market.