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Tyres without direction…of rotation!

Often we are asked which is the direction of rotation of LeCont karting tyres and if the white double arrow printed on the side of the tyre should be followed, or instead the one vulcanized on the rubber itself, on the other side...

Well, the answer is easy: neither of them. The double arrow is simply part of the LeCont logo and as such is printed and vulcanized on our products.

In reality, LeCont karting tyres do not have a real direction of rotation, because the tread thanks to a very innovative and specific production technology, is not cut and glued as almost all the products of competition, but it is manufactured in one single peace. This gives to LeCont tyres a unique characteristic on the safety side: in no way, in fact, LeCont tyres will “dechap” because of the treat ungluing.

We could then say that it is not important in which way and rotational direction you mount your tyres, because there is no direction of rotation. In reality though, a suggestion is helpful. Especially concerning the rear tyres of the “adult” categories, it is appropriate to mount the tyres with the white printed logo positioned externally to the chassis. It is just the same if you mount left or right tyre, but especially in the first period of the life of the tyre, mount it with such care. In this way you will have mounted the tyre with the closing line of the mould externally, which means as far away as possible from the internal part of the tread which is, as known, the most critical area on competition karts (which have no suspensions and where traction is transmitted by one single axle, without any differential). In terms of performance nothing will change, but you will improve durability of the tyres, as you will have moved away the most “fragile” part of the tread from the most critical area (the internal). Which means, you will not go faster, but you will go further...

The most “diligent” amongst you will notice the closing of the mould, easily findable thanks to a small asperity in the longitudinal direction of the tread, is instead central to the tread on front tyres and on the set of the Minikart 60. These tyres you will then be able to mount in any possible way.