LeCont for KZ2 in Great Britain


LeCont tyres chosen for KZ2 and KX UK
The MSA and the Association of British Kart Clubs (ABKC) have entered negotiations with LeCont as the preferred supplier of tyres to the KZ2 and KZ UK classes from 2018 to 2020.
The slick tyre will be the Prime LP, which showed impressive performance and durability during testing; it is expected that lap times will drop to a level commensurate with the prestigious status of the classes. The retail prices will be £153 for a set of slicks and £171 for a set of wet, including VAT.
Zip Kart will provide a substantial rewards package - with a value of more than £21.000 over the agreed period to the promoters of the MSA British Championship for KZ2 and ABKC Super 4 Championship for KZ UK.
John Ryan, MSA Technical Director and Chairman of the Selection Panel, said: "We were very pleased with the interest from the tyre manufacturers and the quality of all their proposals. We ran a comprehensive testing programme for all tyres on the shortlist at two different circuits; the data gave us a clear choice and we are confident that the LeCont LP Prime tyre will be ideal for both KZ2 and KZ UK classes".
Grant Munro, Managing Director of Zip Kart said: "We are delighted that the MSA and ABKC have chosen LeCont as the KZ tyre for the next three years and we look forward to working closely with the championship promoters and clubs running the formula. I would add that our colleagues at LeCont in Italy are also determined to make all efforts for a smooth transition and satisfy completely our UK market".
George Robinson, Chairman of the ABKC, said: "I am confident that this tyre will be a great fit for the ABKC KZ UK class and provide an exciting prospect for our drivers".