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ACI Karting 2020 Regulations published
The ACI Karting 2020 Regulations are published: Sporting Regulations, Technical Regulations, Sporting Regulations of the basic activity (Regional Championships), ACI Karting Club Championship Regulations.
As for the tyres to be used following the recent 2020-2022 contract, they will be of the following brands:

  • MG for the Allievi Group (MINI, etc.) and Senior Group (KZ2, etc.)
  • Bridgestone for the Cadet Group (OKJ, etc.) and Junior Group (OK, etc.)
  • LeCont for the Shifter-Super Tag Group (KZN, etc.)
  • Vega for the Club Group

All classes are listed in the Technical Regulations Art. 1 Groups and Classes-Validity.
On a sporting level, in the 2020 regulations the classes of the National KZ in KZN Junior have been defined from 15 to 25 years old, KZN Under from 26 years old up to 39 years old, KZN Over from 40 years old.
Among the new 2020 rules, taking inspiration from what has already been applied by the FIA ​​in international races, in all karting events in Italy "from the end of the sporting checks it is forbidden to switch on the engines inside the paddock in all phases of the event, for all admitted classes":

  • TDM Shifter ROK (180kg)
  • TDM KGP Shifter (180kg)
  • KZN Junior (175kg)
  • KZN Under (178kg)
  • KZN Over (180kg)
  • TDM X30 Super Shifter (180kg)
  • SUPER TAG TDM KGP Direct Drive (160kg)
  • TDM Rotax FR DD2 (165kg)
  • TDM IAME X30 Super (165kg)
  • KF2 (158kg)
  • TDM ROK Expert (158kg)
  • TDM ROK Super (155kg)