LeCont test day at the 7 Laghi track


Castelletto di Branduzzo, 21 march 2015
LeCont confirm to all competitors of the KFJ and KZ2 classes concerned that Monday, March 23rd, after the race WSK Master Series, it will be possible to test on the circuit 7 Laghi in Castelletto di Branduzzo (PV - Italy) the same spec of LeCont tyres that will be distribute in the European and World Championships (SuperCup for the KZ2) of these two classes. A LeCont assistance van will be present on the 7 Laghi track since Sunday 22nd March on the evening, with his load of LeCont LH10 OPTION tyres for KFJ and LeCont LP11 PRIME tyres for KZ2 (as well a certain amount of wet tyres). Meanwhile, good race everybody!