LeCont tyres for the first race of a new generation engine


For the first time, an engine of the new generation debuted in a real race, driven by a 4 times kart world Champion, "shod" with LeCont tyres. Just as the European Championship KFJ and KF ends this weekend on the British soil on the PFI circuit (some weeks before the World Championship race of these two categories, which will be held shortly in a only few tens of kilometres far from Le Mans Karting) the future goes on the track at the Le Mans Karting 24 Hours, associated with tyres LeCont. Yes, because in the classic French Endurance race, a prototype of the future new generation of karting direct drive engines, intended to replace in 2016 the current KF engines, continues its development in real race conditions. It is an absolute first attempt and the LeCont group is proud that another industry group, as prestigious as the Tony Kart Vortex, has chosen - not by coincidence - a race exclusively supplied by LeCont tyres to realize this strategic onset.