LeCont with WR Motorsports


WR Motorsport and LeCont announce big plans for the North American Market

WR Motorsports has enjoyed over twenty years of fabulous relationships with high quality products such as MG Tyres and Alfano Timing Systems. Today opens a new chapter in our effort to provide our customers and partners with another industry leading product.

In addition to these two big names, we are very excited to announce a new partner who will provide our North American karting community with the best that Europe has to offer. The LeCont tyre will make its debut with WR Sport which will be hard to ignore as speed and durability have become world famous. "With the level of product development and customer service we have witnessed from LeCont it is very clear, this is what we would like to offer our customers and riders". The FIA Karting's demands for durability and product quality have reached a whole new level and the next homologation period will be increasingly stringent. LeCont is very focused on these types of goals and is determined to keep it going in every way. To become more familiar with the LeCont tyre, visit the dedicated section. We look forward to an exciting partnership that will benefit karting as a whole. Stay tuned!

LeCont News

LeCont is glad and proud to announce having established a long term partnership deal with the well-known US organisation WR Motorsport (Miami, Florida) in order to distribute LeCont kart tyres on the North American market, including USA and Canada.

LeCont would like to express at the same time all its gratitude to our friend from DPower Racing, a former LeCont importer in the US market, for the excellent work this Californian organization has done in establishing the LeCont brand in North America.

More details of the new agreement between LeCont and WR Motorsport will be disclosed later.

The best is yet to come.

WR Motorsports