2023 season begins with mastery and efficiency


Once again this year, LeCont will supply many karting events around the world. Among them, the prestigious WSK Promotion series, which started at the South Garda Karting in Lonato from 27th to 29th January with the Champions Cup. The OK category benefited from the quality of the Italian manufacturer's tyres, which contributed to the great success of the meeting. This is only the beginning of a season that promises to be very rich for LeCont, both in sporting and technical terms...

A week after the Winter Cup, where the drivers competing in OK were already equipped with LeCont tyres, the Lonato circuit was once again abuzz with excitement for the WSK Champions Cup. The organisers welcomed no less than 320 drivers, with a magnificent line-up in OK. Despite very cool temperatures, the weather remained dry from Qualifying to the Final, allowing the teams to work in good conditions and to put the drivers in a position to show off their skills, while working on the equipment in preparation for the next events.

Small gaps between drivers

In Lonato, LeCont had to face and manage new technological challenges, as explained by Paolo Bombara, marketing manager at LeCont and present on the Italian circuit to provide a local service to the competitors. "Three different manufacturers supplied tyres to the WSK Champions Cup drivers. The mix of tyres on the tracks always affects the performance of the kart. With the weight of the OK class having increased by 5kg and the track temperature remaining cold throughout the meeting, it proved impossible to repeat the same lap times as at the end of last season. Nevertheless, our "Prime" tyres did their job perfectly, offering a consistency that guaranteed sporting fairness. On Sunday, the vast majority of the finalists ran very close times. I would like to congratulate David Walther from Denmark for his magnificent victory ahead of Martin Molnar from Hungary and Tomass Stolcermanis from Latvia".

"This certainly bodes well for the new season and the new partnership we have renewed with the WSK Promotion in 2023", continued Paolo Bombara. "LeCont will be present in almost all WSK events and we are very happy to participate in these high-level series organised with professionalism and rigour. In addition to OK, we will have the opportunity to supply tyres to the KZ categories in some events, which will allow drivers and teams to run on the tyres that will be used at the FIA Karting European and World Championships in KZ and KZ2 in 2023. At the moment we are focused on the WSK Super Master Series which is about to start and remains a key event of the season. We will again equip the OK category".

Pro Kart becomes LeCont importer in Wackersdorf

Alongside this good news from WSK Promotion, LeCont is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Raceland karting complex in Wackersdorf, Germany, which will be renamed "Pro Kart powered by LeCont". Pro Kart is taking over the LeCont import business and is currently setting up a nationwide distribution network. A large warehouse will be operational to ensure a large stock of tyres and fast delivery times throughout Germany for dealers interested in becoming part of the national distribution network.

"LeCont has proven its potential as an international supplier. Their products convince with their excellent performance and long service life. We are happy to import them into Germany", explained Stephan Fritsch, head of the company. In 2023, "Pro Kart powered by LeCont" will host the KZ World Championship, the KZ2 World Cup and the KZ2 Masters International Super Cup from 7th to 10th September as well as the new "Road to Wackersdorf" event from 20th to 23rd July. A LeCont Cup open to FIA international categories will be organised in 2024 on the German track.