LeCont kart tyres have no sense of rotation: here is why


We are often asked what the direction of rotation of LeCont kart tyres is and whether the double arrow printed in white on one side of the tyre should be followed, or the one vulcanized into the rubber itself, on the other side.

Well, the answer is simple: neither one nor the other. The double arrow in question is, in fact, simply part of LeCont trademark and as such is molded and vulcanized into our products.

In reality, LeCont karting tyres do not have a real sense of rotation, since their tread - thanks to a specific production technology - is not cut and glued as in almost all competing products, but is made in a single piece. This gives LeCont tyres a more unique than rare feature in terms of safety: in fact, in no way will they ever "dechap" due to the detachment of the tread.

We could therefore tell you that it does not matter how you mount the tyres on the kart, since there is no sense of rotation. In reality, however, we give you some advice anyway. Especially for what concerns the rear tyres of the "Adult" categories it is advisable to mount the tyre with the wording printed in white on the outside. It does not matter whether you mount it on the right wheel or on the left one (therefore with opposite directions of rotation), but especially for the first part of the tirÈs life, mount it preferably according to this criterion. In this way you will have, in fact, mounted with the closing line of the mold on the outside, that is as far as possible from the internal part of the tread which is, as known, the most stressed on competition karts (without suspensions and the whose traction is transmitted by a single axle, without differential). In terms of performance, nothing will change, but in terms of longevity a little yes, since you will have moved the most "fragile" part of the tread (the closing line of the mold) away from the most stressed point (the inside). In short, you will not go faster, but you will go further.

The most "attentive" among you will notice that the aforementioned mold closing line, easily identifiable thanks to a slight asperity in the longitudinal direction of the tread, is instead central on the front tyres and on those of the Minikart 60. True. Those you can really mount them as you please.