LeCont tyres for Romain Dumas' Norma racing car


"We conducted our tests on the Alès circuit, noted Norbert Santos, the boss of Norma prototypes, at the beginning of June. For the work on the suspensions and the tires, it was a bit tight because we cannot reproduce there the shedding movements of a road, always a little domed when passing from one side to the other".

So the team took advantage of the lessons learned on the Norma that has been used since this year by the four-time European mountain champion, Simone Faggioli. Same thing for the tires. Romain Dumas chose the Italian manufacturer LeCont, a karting tire specialist. But which closely follows the evolution of tires in hill climbing. "What Romain needs, explains Paolo Bombara, his sales manager, is a tire that is immediately efficient and up to temperature, typical of hill climbs. With the additional difficulty, at Pikes Peak, of maintaining good traction after a dozen kilometers for the hairpins at the top".

We also had to guarantee the right balance between rear grip and an efficient front axle. "We found something interesting, continues Bombara. A solution that we use for rain tires in karts and which we used for Romain's slicks".

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