Only LeCont tests tyres with a dynamic bench


LeCont is the only company in the world to have a dynamic test bench, type "road wheel", for karting tyres. Developed by LeCont itself, in collaboration with a specialized mechanical company, this test bench entered service in the spring of 2011. The system immediately met with great interest, as an absolute novelty, by the international Federation itself, CIK -FIA, as a possible tool for comparison and testing that in the future could be carried out officially also on behalf of the same international sports authority.
In the meantime, the road wheel is used by LeCont both for the study of new technologies and solutions, and for the quality control operations carried out on normal series production. Sample tyres are, in fact, taken from production and tested on this high-tech machinery that reproduces the real conditions of use on the track, but which, in certain phases of study or control, is also able to exasperate them well beyond the conditions that a kart will never have to endure on a circuit. Thanks to this bench test, the tested tyre is put under stress allowing to extrapolate performance data, but also and above all to assess with certainty its resistance to abrasion at high speed and the resistance level of the tread and carcass. to prolonged efforts. Factors which, of course, are of primary importance in research into tyre safety.
On this machine, which allows you to accelerate, brake, steer and put "load" on the wheel, laps of the track can be simulated with precision on various memorized circuits, using the information, coming from a data acquisition system, which is transferred to the machinery by a highly sophisticated computerized system. To ensure full compliance with actual practice on the track, the tested wheel/tyre assembly, front or rear, is fixed to the powerful electric motor, which activates it by putting it in rotation, through a normal kart hub. Hubs of all major frame brands can be used.
Another gem: the internal profile of the enormous metal wheel (which reproduces the asphalt surface of the track) on which the tested tyre rotates at high speed, brakes and steers, is worked with a special technology in order to reproduce the characteristics of abrasion of the asphalt. By modifying this profile it is possible to reproduce more than one type of asphalt.
The systematic use of the road wheel also makes it possible to verify the conformity of the production batches with the characteristics (within the fixed tolerances) of the type of tyre tested, but also to establish precise and reliable correlations between the track and laboratory tests, from which it results a constancy and an optimal rigor in the quality controls of the production.
This correlation between track tests and laboratory tests, obtainable thanks to the road wheel, coincided with an epochal turning point at LeCont in technological research for karting tyres, the first concrete result of which is the new range of CIK-FIA approved tyres(for the three-year period 2014-2016) whose characteristics and performance represent a clear step forward compared to the previous range and today place LeCont products at the top of those available in the karting market.