RTKF and Sodi dominate at Le Mans


As in 2013, as well five other times in the history of the worldwide most famous Endurance race, as Audi in the 24 Hours for cars, as (almost) always. The RTKF - Sarthe team won again the Le Mans 24 Hours karting, with his kart #1 driven by Abbasse - Fiault - Becq - Petit. This is the fourth Le Mans win for Anthony Abbasse and Charles Fiault and the sixth victory for the RTKF team. It has been achieved so overwhelming, with a perfect race, without any hitch. RTKF #1 won with an astonishing lapping rhythm, for speed and consistency, that has left speechless all their competitors. The winning kart crossed the finish line 15 laps ahead (on 1491 laps in total) of the kart #50 Kartmag - La Manche. We have to notice the great public success with 6500 paying spectators - undoubtedly attracted by the stunning weather conditions - attending the race.