Romain Dumas: star also at Turckheim. So fast, so strong


What a show in the 58th edition of the Turckheim Hill Climb!
Two months after the epic win in the 92nd Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, this weekend the winning Norma M20 "RD Limited" - Honda had just come out of his box to enjoy action on the road again. Always driven by the French Romain Dumas and always supplied by LeCont, the prototype and his driver were the guest-stars of the final race of the 2014 French Hill Climb Championship.
Since this car, specially made for the US race in Colorado, doesn't correspond to the rules of the French Championship, Dumas wasn't allowed to really participate to the race, but only to run - for the show - out of the standings. He drove his M20 "RD Limited" as fast as usual, on the same path of other competitors, and he matched the best times of the true race.
It's just a pity that some gremlins have determined some detrimental misfires, but the performances are there, the driver is a Champion, the car is fantastic and the grip level was excellent, thanks to the downforce generated by the Norma chassis in combination with this extremely fast very last generation of LeCont tyres. The result of this cocktail is true competitiveness. Great job.
Well done Romain, Norbert, Guillem, Sergio, Valter and all the staff of RD Ltd, Norma, LeCont and all the technical partners!
Now, stay focused, a new challenge will come soon.
Keep your mouth shut, it's a secret.