Extremely effective tyres in the OK OKJ European Championships


The 2020 FIA Karting European tests have come to an end at the European circuit of Wackersdorf in Germany with a series of interesting and intense races. The quality and effectiveness of LeCont tyres are no stranger to this success which once again demonstrates the manufacturer's ability to respond perfectly to tenders with its professionalism and high-level technology.
The consistency and performance, which LeCont tyres proved once again during the OKJ and OK European Championships, demonstrate that the Italian brand is the ideal choice for federations, ASNs and promoters who wish their championships to succeed. Either in the Option or Prime version, the tyres released from the Rovereto plant satisfied the 88 OK and 97 Junior drivers who took part in this prestigious international competition which took place in Zuera (Spain), Sarno (Italy) and Wackersdorf (Germany).

The titles for Antonelli and Ugochukwu!
Excellent feedback and comments from busy competitors as well as teams are not deceiving. Extraordinary OK European Champion after a new and brilliant victory in OK, Andrea Kimi Antonelli did not hide his satisfaction during one of the numerous interviews released at the end of the meeting. "I really appreciated the technical work carried out during the season with my KR - IAME - LeCont kart. I have always managed to take advantage of the tyres at each race start and their consistency has allowed me to maintain a sustained level of performance in each heat and final disputed".
The figures confirm the Italian's intentions: pole position, three wins out of four in the heats, one of which in the very last heat on Sunday morning, and an extremely regular pace in the final. From lap eight to lap 26, for example, his times were between 47"326 and 47"542 with sixteen laps done in the same tenth in 47"4! In OKJ, the new European Champion Ugo Ugochukwu set his fastest lap in the final before his penultimate lap. "Being fast and consistent from the first to the last lap is really essential to win a race", said the young American.

Appointment at the World Championships
Among the anecdotes of the weekend, the commercial service of LeCont received a visit from a German driver who had never yet had the opportunity to ride with LeCont tyres in his KZ2 category. Privileged observer of the test and impressed by the performance of the tyres used during the test, he wanted to buy a set of tyres to test the Italian tyres! It is true that the times set during the last DKM (German Championship) race held in Wackersdorf in 2019 have been beaten. Antonelli lapped in 46"942 in OK and Pasiewicz in 48"292 in OKJ, which is a gain of four and six tenths respectively!
"Despite the great health crisis we have experienced and which has led to a relative decrease in the number of drivers actually present compared to those registered, LeCont is satisfied that the sport has emerged as the winner of these FIA ​​Karting OK and OKJ European Championships", he said. commented Paolo Bombara, marketing manager of LeCont. "The plant is already working tirelessly for the next World Championship with the same concern for need, constancy and sporting balance to propose again high-performance tyres and the like from one train to another. We are also ready to respond to the various demands in view of the 2021".