Interview with the Winner of the Pikes Peak 2014: Romain Dumas


How does it feel to win the climb of Pikes Peak for such a "total winner" as you, who has won everywhere in Endurance, except for Daytona?
It's a great pleasure, because this race is a challenge that we had started to work on three years ago. It was hard, because every year we were not far from victory, but we never won until now. This year, we changed many things, the engine, the tyres, the size of the tyres, many things. We improved the car, working a lot on its development. The effort has paid off. We had here a reliable car that has not had any problems. This is a very important aspect in races with a format like this, with only one climb, because if you stop for a fault it's "game over". It was becoming important to win and for me it is a great satisfaction, because they are my team and also my friends. We are not a big manufacturer, but simply a group of people who have always worked hard. We had a huge pressure on our shoulders, because we were aware that victory was within our grasp. For people who are not accustomed to this kind of pressure and also for me, because I knew that to try to win it was, first, necessary to get up and reach the top of the climb, feelings are very strong.

What exactly did you fell when you realized that you had won?
A huge emotion, really. As intense as when I won the Le Mans 24 Hours 2010. It was even a pity, moreover, that, due to the race configuration, the guys could not be at the arrival. It is a true intense moment, where you think about all the work done. Not only by you, but also by the whole group. It starts from the need to find the right partners because without them all this would not have been possible, or by these guys who worked so hard, throughout the year. It's really super.